White light

Collaborative project with Liza Artamonova




6-channel sound installation 

15' in loop


White light expands to endless areas, gradually capturing new spaces. As if because of long concentration of attention, screens transform into thin stripes of light which are hovering in the air. Hypertrophically realistic dream of multiple self-constructing units which capture spaces of empty buildings that have been empty for decades, newly built high-rise office centers and former factories. Sound as if touches figurative sense of reality consisting of hundreds lines of light. There opens a second blunting reality which has become invisible. Behind the industrial and office roaring you can hear the haunting melody which is self-disfigured in its optimistic spasm.
Blunting reality. Speculating about hypertrophied office which captures all new spaces, on the one hand, there arise former manufactories, converted factories, newly built buildings, and on the other hand rooms, ready for running but remaining empty. And this unfilled space transfers the focus on modified work places. Mobile, distant, flexible and unfixed. New office workers not being tied to a particular place physically, always available 24/7, become this office themselves, real and not real at the same time, extended in all directions. Two-part unit – chair-screen, disappearing physically, become a fixed spot for the employee, incorporated therein, whenever and wherever he is.

The winner of the Brewhowse Art Prize 2016 in nomination “environment”/ http://brewhouse.pro/nazvanyi-pobediteli-brewhouse-art-prize-2016/

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