Soft Inventory

folded bed sheets with stamps of hospitals,

which was abolished during national health

project implementation*

distorted sound of old Russian lullaby

98х120 cm


"Do sleep, do sleep for two days and for the third day on a wood sledge“ - words of the old Russian lullaby with death wishes. On the one hand such texts were vestiges of ancient custom, when so-called useless, feeble and disable children were slain in order to relief them from torments of pain and starvation. On the other hand, death wish can not be interpret as allegory, so far as it was put into set stable and traditional wordings. Chronology of records shows that texts with such a plot appeared in the periods of different crop failures, epidemics and other calamities.

The artwork, shown at the exhibition “Facade Under Construction” refers to the problem of social decorum. Even if the “Soft Inventory” resembles the anachromes, this modernist superficial similarity has nothing to do with today’s aggressive capitalist’s reality affecting state infrastructural projects.

*The national project called “Health” designed to improve quality of medical care was announces about ten years ago.

The project was shown at the pop-up exhibition called Facade Under Construction/

July 16—17, 2017 / One of the Moscow unfinished multi-storey building, Melnikova street, 3, Moscow, Russia/

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