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Poses of Protest


folded clothes



Klavdia Alekseyevna lived most part of her live in a state of prevailing collectivity. Her devoted work on a factory was honored by the Soviet regime with an Order of the Red Banner. However her children living in the modern paradigm cannot fully understand and appreciate their grandmother’s life achievements. The economic reasons forced her to live in the territory of the other with its unwanted law and order, where she daily manages to introduce some minor distortion. Klavdia Alekseyevna invents different household tactics of disguised protest. The shaped fabrics of the Poses of Protest refer, on the one hand, to these small grandmotherly tricks, but at the same time, they look like a thrown off outer shell pathetically waiting for a body to fit in. A shrunken possibility for action.

The project was shown at the self-organized pop-up exhibition called Borderline Conditions/ April 5—16, 2017/ MERES multifunctional space, Nicosia, Cyprus/

Poses of Protest
Poses of Protest
Poses of Protest
Poses of Protest
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© 2017 by Ilina Chervonnaya

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