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Lemons Float

in the swimming pool of Russian high-ranking official's villa in Cyprus


one-channel video in loop

color, sound

8’ 12’’

pool handrails


The video work  consists of two parts: one is a floating lemons in the swimming pool of Russian high-ranking official’s secret villa in Cyprus; the other is a found video footage from the advertisement of this particular real estate project which is made in Russian language.

The project was shown at the exhibition called “Something has gone wrong” which was concentrated on rethinking of the epoch of 2000s. 

2000s has turned away from having any recognized collective values. The modest joys of economic prosperity seemed to divide by zero the interest in political participation asserting the working formula of the regime (not to take into account the accepted world rules). "I'm not interested in politics" - this phrase was pronounced with a boastful disdain for those who bothered to speak on the topic. Philistine fantasies have erected the scenery of well-being in an infinite degree of temporal extent, dulling the perception of the missed moment of presence. Passive contemplation, not being able to resist corruption, instead of protesting against injustice, rose to defend its own self-absorbed peace, transforming these acts into the basic construction of the existing social order.

The project was shown at the group exhibition called Something has gone wrong/

Curator Ilya Budraitskis/ March 6—April 9, 2017 / Solyanka VPA, Moscow, Russia/

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© 2017 by Ilina Chervonnaya

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