Alla Marcia

one-channel video in loop

color, sound



The video work  consists of two parts: one is an operating concrete mixer which  turns old clothes over and over together with sand; the other is a journey of the artist through the abandoned modernist-era spaces, perhaps former hospital, where she is searching for old clothing objects. The interior is a palimpsest of material residues of past times. The artist walks through this abandoned, devastated social space, where she is not threatened, but just left by herself, a bit like as in today’s Russia. The name of the work is a musical term, referring to the noise of the machine that resembles a march with its clear rhythm in a classical 120 bits per minute tempo, thus referring to the atmosphere of uncertainty.

                                                                                                                     Stas Shuripa



The project was shown at the group exhibition called Between the lines/ Curator Stas Shuripa/ January 26 —February 8, 2016 /GRAD Gallery, London, United Kingdom /


And at the group exhibition called Horizons of Events, Parallel program of 6th Moscow Biennale / Curator Stas Shuripa / October 25 — November 29, 2015 /The Moscow State Vadim Sidur Museum, Moscow, Russia /

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